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News: Innovative Approach to Business Earns Metsy Corter Domestic Brand Ambassador of the Year Honor


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Consultant Says Business Success Derives From Authenticity, Personal Touch

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – Jan. 14, 2016 TTI Success Insights (TTI SI) is pleased to award Metsy Corter of Metsy Corter Consulting, LLC with its 2016 Domestic Brand Ambassador of the Year Award. The distinction honors one Value Added Associate (VAA) who has steadfastly made efforts throughout the year to promote the TTI SI brand in business across various social media and marketing platforms.

Corter, whose business is based in Plano, Texas, received the top honor Jan. 9 during TTISICon 2016, TTI SI’s annual conference, at The Scottsdale Plaza Resort in Scottsdale. An estimated 370 TTI SI network members gathered Jan. 8-10 to honor top performers and celebrate successes and innovation in business.

TTI SI Vice President of Corporate Communications Emily Soccorsy presented the top honor to Corter. The Brand Ambassador of the Year Award recognizes a thought leader within the VAA network who, in part, has enriched it and the public at large by creating appealing and disruptive content on various social media platforms.

“TTI SI and the entire VAA network have Metsy Corter to thank for providing thought leadership in a dynamic manner,” said Bill J. Bonnstetter, chairman and founder of Target Training International, Ltd., and TTI SI. “The way we conduct business is changing, and it’s leaders like Metsy who aren’t afraid to step out and adopt new, innovative practices in order to make strides in business.”

“To market effectively, you need to speak to you customers’ pain and tell their story. But to dig deeper and build a niche brand, you must understand their pan and communicate it effectively with their words, while still staying true to your own authentic voice,” Corter said. “People are communicating about life and work on social media, so ignoring this trend in business leaves you out of conversations that are taking place on a worldwide stage.

“Social media is a powerful way to build relationships with current and future customers alike,” she continued. “It also levels the playing field for those of us who are more introverted and want to connect outside of more traditional and frenzied networking events.”


TTISICon 2016 marked TTI SI’s 27th annual conference. Next year’s conference, Jan. 13-15, 2017, returns to The Scottsdale Plaza Resort.

About TTI Success Insights

TTI Success Insights believes all people are unique and have talents and skills of which they are often unaware. We exist to reveal and harness these talents, using the Science of Self™. For over 30 years, we have researched and applied social and brain science, creating assessment solutions consultants in 90 countries and 40 languages use to hire, develop and retain the best talent in the world. With a tenacious, innovative culture, we transform potential to productivity, performance and profits. Every 7 seconds, someone is taking a TTI SI assessment report to increase their self-awareness and grow their career. For more information, visit www.ttisi.com and @TTI_SI.

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A Better Metsy? Ridiculous. You are the Only You.

A Better Metsy? Ridiculous. You are the Only You.


Have you ever asked yourself if someday you’ll meet someone who is a much better YOU than you are?


Totally ridiculous.

Even if you found your visual twin, they wouldn’t have your eclectic style. Your sarcastic humor. Your love of tiny, furry animals dressed as an Ewok.

No one else has your mix of experiences, your skills, your intelligence, your values, or your view of the world.

So if YOU are not going to be YOU in this world, who is?

You have something to share with the world that no one else can. If you don’t share it, no one else will.

YOU are the only you.

Get out there, you amazing creature.


Image originally posted to Instagram on July 15, 2015.


Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

You might fail. They may not like you. What if you aren’t prepared. You could make a huge mistake.

Your fears are different from the worries that weigh down your mom or dad. Different from your sister’s fears. Different for your BFF, spouse and co-workers.

Fear is a deeply personal struggle. A lonely trek through headtrash minefields, especially on the days you visit that nasty, thorny fear you thought you had laid to rest.

Conquer one fear and the next one appears. (Thankfully, we don’t have to face our fears in virtual reality à la Divergent.)

I am told I have a strong presence, but fear is my constant companion. How did I leave a painful marriage and start over? How did I change careers three times (on purpose)? How did I quit a steady job and start a business in a world where most businesses fail?

I feel the fear and do it anyway.

Acknowledge that you are scared. Feel how powerful it is.

Then quickly ask yourself a few questions. Visit the fear, but don’t live there.

Is this a fear that you have encountered before? What happened last time?

Look for times that you walked through the fear and found a positive outcome on the other site. Remind the fear that you have a history of success in these situations.

Did you give in to the fear in the past? What great opportunities did you miss out on by giving into the fear?

Remind the fear that letting it rule your actions did not help you in the past.

Most of my fears are lies I have believed about myself. I call them lies from the devil.

My dad calls them headtrash. Maybe your fears are gremlins. (I rely on my faith to help me, so I call them lies from the devil to remind me who is really in charge. Jesus.)

Fears impact your business. My fears caused me to stay at a job that was physically and emotionally killing me. My fears caused me to take too long to ramp up my business. My fears caused me to ignore areas of my business I have neglected.

Fears may kill my business. They could kill your business.

If you are scared to take action but need to take action in order to meet your goal, you have to feel the fear and do the thing anyway.

It takes practice, but it has been working for me.

  • Call that client that you forgot to follow-up with.
  • Tweet that author to tell them how much their book impacted your life for the better.
  • Submit the article that is collecting dust to a magazine.


It’s not revolutionary, but the powerful changes in life rarely are. It’s those small course corrections on a daily (sometimes hourly basis) that propel you and your business forward.

Try it and let me know how you pushed through fears to achieve a goal.


Let’s pause for a second. I am sharing insight into what has worked for me when dealing with nagging fears that we have to work through daily to meet our goals. I am talking about everyday realms of behavior that impact business and life. I am not a mental health professional. If you are paralyzed by fears, having trouble functioning in life or considering hurting yourself, PLEASE seek help. You are not alone. No matter what problems you are dealing with, call 1-800-273-TALK (8255). They will connect you to a skilled, trained counselor at a crisis center in your area, anytime 24/7.


I’ve Changed My Mind About Oprah

I’ve Changed My Mind About Oprah

Every month, her lovely face beams from the cover of O, The Oprah Magazine.

Her own face. Every. Single. Month.

I’ve judged her for this. (And you have to.)

I don’t NEED to understand her decision. It’s her empire, and she can pose if she wants to.

But I wonder, what is the reason?

I’ve thought about this for at least an hour over the last several years, but today, it happened. I discovered her secret.

It started off as a typical day. I logged into every domain I own to update WordPress plugins… again. I checked my bank account and quickly said a prayer to Jesus.

I plopped my head in my hands when I remembered it’s Thursday, and I didn’t post a blog entry again this week.

It’s not too late, right? I have a handful of partial posts ready to be polished, and Seth Godin says I should just ship it!

So as I worked on a post on emotional energy reserves compared to the phenomena of black holes, I realized I’d have to find a palatable stock photo at this late hour to finish up the post.

It’s just a 940×788 photo to use as a featured image. No big deal.

I’ll check my stealth list of good stock photo sites.

Wait, people have found these sites. NO. These were a secret!

I wanted to use that shot of the hipster girl in jeans sitting casually on a stool with a backdrop of distressed wood flooring!

Why is this happening to me?! The masses have discovered Unsplash and Death to the Stock Photo!

Fine. Go ahead and market your great picture sharing services! I can cope with this betrayal.

Maybe I should ask a friend to shoot a roll of pictures of ME around town, and then I can use those photos without cost or attribution! Ha! How about that?! That will solve this angst!

And then it hit me.

Oprah has been here too. She is like me.

She has experienced that late-night need for an image that illustrates how to take a leap and love where you land. An image conveying the need to trust your gut because you know what’s best.

The need for an image for her magazine cover. Every. single. month.

She’s felt that disappointment when you realize your choices again fall to the hairy, male hand pointing at a bunch of floating puzzle pieces… or the mountain climber atop a stone peak with this hands in the air. (And all for the bargain price of $30 dollars.)

Judgments about those beautiful O magazine covers dissipated as understanding spread within me.

Oprah knows this pain. She too has suffered from what I callstockphotophobia.

Oprah has viewed 467 pictures of “happy + strong + women” with bloodshot eyes in the eternal search for original, aesthetically-pleasing stock photography.

She has found the perfect Unsplash shot that captures the joy of cleaning one’s soul and one’s closet. And then had her dreams crushed when that hand-picked image pops up on Facebook beside an article on how to organize your closet like Kylie Jenner.

She foresaw the months spanning in front of her of cover after cover in need of artwork and empowered herself to produce original cover images exactly how she wants them to appear for her magazine.

One-of-a-kind covers featuring her lovely face.

And now, she won’t have to stumble upon her cover image being used to illustrate how to choose your NCAA March Madness picks using this season’s Pantone colors.

Oprah, I get it now. You took control of your brand.

And I salute you.

This was my first post to Medium, so it exists over there as well. Check it out!