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News: Innovative Approach to Business Earns Metsy Corter Domestic Brand Ambassador of the Year Honor


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Consultant Says Business Success Derives From Authenticity, Personal Touch

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – Jan. 14, 2016 TTI Success Insights (TTI SI) is pleased to award Metsy Corter of Metsy Corter Consulting, LLC with its 2016 Domestic Brand Ambassador of the Year Award. The distinction honors one Value Added Associate (VAA) who has steadfastly made efforts throughout the year to promote the TTI SI brand in business across various social media and marketing platforms.

Corter, whose business is based in Plano, Texas, received the top honor Jan. 9 during TTISICon 2016, TTI SI’s annual conference, at The Scottsdale Plaza Resort in Scottsdale. An estimated 370 TTI SI network members gathered Jan. 8-10 to honor top performers and celebrate successes and innovation in business.

TTI SI Vice President of Corporate Communications Emily Soccorsy presented the top honor to Corter. The Brand Ambassador of the Year Award recognizes a thought leader within the VAA network who, in part, has enriched it and the public at large by creating appealing and disruptive content on various social media platforms.

“TTI SI and the entire VAA network have Metsy Corter to thank for providing thought leadership in a dynamic manner,” said Bill J. Bonnstetter, chairman and founder of Target Training International, Ltd., and TTI SI. “The way we conduct business is changing, and it’s leaders like Metsy who aren’t afraid to step out and adopt new, innovative practices in order to make strides in business.”

“To market effectively, you need to speak to you customers’ pain and tell their story. But to dig deeper and build a niche brand, you must understand their pan and communicate it effectively with their words, while still staying true to your own authentic voice,” Corter said. “People are communicating about life and work on social media, so ignoring this trend in business leaves you out of conversations that are taking place on a worldwide stage.

“Social media is a powerful way to build relationships with current and future customers alike,” she continued. “It also levels the playing field for those of us who are more introverted and want to connect outside of more traditional and frenzied networking events.”


TTISICon 2016 marked TTI SI’s 27th annual conference. Next year’s conference, Jan. 13-15, 2017, returns to The Scottsdale Plaza Resort.

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