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Your business is like an island in a far away land… or maybe sometimes it just feels that way.

What happens when you bring people onto the island to help you?

The work can be spread among more people and reduce your stress… IF you bring the right people onto the island.

In this episode, we’ll bring four potential candidates onto your island to look at how they will behave (DISC behaviors).

We also look at how each would react to a future team member being added to the group.

Each style has valuable innate qualities. They also have unique dark sides and reactions to stress.

If people come to your island who do not mesh with the team and provide skills that take burdens off of the rest of the team, then that person may cause MORE drama and stress – not less.

People do not have a neutral effect. Every person on the team will affect the team.

Every person you hire will impact your business. Choose wisely.


  1. The four categories of human behavior. HOW people do what they do. This profile information pulls from how people are already behaving to predict how they will act in your business.
    • The first employee is named Dominant but his friends call him D.
    • The second employee is named Influence but his friends call him I.
    • The third employee is named Steadiness but his friends call him S.
    • The fourth employee is named Compliance but his friends call him C.
  2. Which behavioral style makes the best leader?
  3. How each of the four styles may react to the next new team member coming onboard. How will they initially treat others?
  4. Let’s look at four reasons why DISC is important for your business.
  5. Last set of fours – Where do you go from here? What do you do next?

Here’s Your Workwork:

For the next week, watch how people interact with you. Look at how they communicate not necessarily what they are saying. Are their decisions guided by people or tasks? Are they experience or results focused? Are they trusting or skeptical? Gather clues and look for patterns. Hidden here are gems to connecting to people faster. Leave a comment about what you were most surprised to notice when observing how others interact with you.

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