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Four hours into the drive home from July 4th in Fredericksburg, we sit idling in a herd of Dodge Ram pickups and GMC Behemoths. Waze saved us from two I-35 traffic jams, but no escape this time.

Naturally, I break the tension by changing the voice of Waze to Arnold Schwarzenegger, courtesy of Terminator Genisys. (Yes, I am a nerd. No, this is not an ad.)

I can’t part the sea of red F-150’s ahead, but I can help the girls giggle through the monotony of a crowded highway.

“Hazard reported ahead. Get down!”

Some things are not fun. Life can be rough.

Traffic. Red brake lights as far as you can see and less than a quarter tank of gas. Knowing you have hours to go before home. Not fun.

“In one mile, exit right. I insist!”

But you can find moments of giggles. You can embrace silliness.

Look for small ways to lighten the load of your team.

A little laughter gets me through the stuff of life. Look for it, and you can find it too.

“I need your coat, your boots and your motorcycle. Just kidding! Let’s hit the road.”

Let Ahhnold guide the Waze home.


Do you want Ahhnold to tell you where to go? Open the Waze app [iTunes, Google Play]. Click on the Navigate button in the lower left, then My Waze -> Settings -> Sound -> Click on your current choice for Voice Language and choose English (US) – Arnold Terminator Genisys.