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Time and time again, big Hollywood studios produce movies with epic tales of men and women saving the day with their innate strengths.

Strengths are important. They give you an advantage in life – in business.

Your strengths become the foundation for your personal brand.

But when a villain wants to take down a superhero, he exploits the weaknesses that come with the superhero’s strengths.

Be brave enough to look at not only your strengths but also the weaknesses that come from letting those very strengths get out of control.


  1. Review of soft skills, also called competencies.
  2. Four examples when a great strength can have consequences for your business if left unchecked. (For one of the four examples, we look at one of my strengths and how it creates weaknesses I have to manage.)
  3. A tip for pulling yourself into the present moment from Olivia Fox-Cabane’s charisma speech. Full video found below.
  4. How you deal with your strengths and weaknesses impacts your team.

Complete Your Workwork:

For the next week, make a list of tasks that drain you like kryptonite. Tasks that you avoid. Look for a pattern. That list will give you clues to an area of weakness that needs to be addressed. Let me know what you discovered in the comments below.

Links and Resources:

Charisma speech by Olivia Fox-Cabane

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