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Check out a few of the nice things people say about me. I am grateful to work with all of you! (I’m doing a pageant wave right now.)

I honestly felt a bit uncertain about the outcome and impact when I engaged in the service. I’m happy to report a delightful experience.

Metsy produces a personalized report and provides coaching in an informal, comfortable setting. The report and discussion provided me with valuable insight into improving the effectiveness of communications, based on an individual’s attributes and style. It also enabled me to tune my key messages and help peers adjust theirs. Further, it’s helpful for me to understand how my natural style compares with 70% of the workplace population.

I valued the report and feedback so much that I have recommended the service to colleagues and family members.

Jeanette Wayne

Global Program Management Executive

This project has been in the back of my mind for a long time, but the “Who am I to do something like that?” and “eventually I’ll get there” thoughts have been defeating. Honestly, Metsy’s words gave me the confidence and unlocked the knowledge that nobody else can do this but ME. It’s who I am.

Aaron de Leon

Founder, Hope is Human

As a clinical neuropsychologist, I see a variety of self-help and invalid tools come across my desk. I am generally skeptical of the utility and reliability of such measures. However, I found the set of TTI assessment tools used by Metsy to be well supported by empirical data. It was not a face valid measure, making it an excellent tool. I appreciated the elements of the test results that provided information on how to best communicate with individuals and how to effectively manage and promote improved performance based on personality traits. She uses the one product that I found provided tangible and reliable tools for management.

The assessments and Metsy’s coaching for professional development and managing employees are a powerful combination.

Kimberly C. Doyle

Ph.D., ABSNP, ABPC, Baylor

When I joined Metsy’s team, I felt excitement and camaraderie from the beginning. She truly cares about helping other people learn and grow, so she built a team where knowledge was shared and so was responsibility. We covered for each other and learned new things together. She created opportunities for us to grow on the job and supported us during the learning process.

Metsy is able to analyze situations and people, perceive the nuances of interactions, and articulate clearly and candidly. She has the unique ability to finesse the details of a project without losing that 30,000 foot perspective that makes the project meaningful and valuable. I always knew that when I turned over any part of a project for review, she would have candid and useful feedback. Metsy is fabulous, and I want people to know!

Judy Summersgill

Software Engineer

I was a member of Metsy’s corporate team for five years, so I know firsthand how she leads and coaches her own team. Metsy is excellent at encouraging those who work for her and setting a positive environment with humor and confidence.

Along with being very intelligent, Metsy has confidence in her skills and a commitment to produce quality work. She inspires those around her to do the best they can. She has the ability to communicate with all levels of skills and abilities in a clear and succinct manner creating a productive work environment with healthy lines of communication.

Metsy’s mind works in a creative way, so she does not confine herself to a box and is able to lead a team in the best direction through delegation and decisiveness.

Mindee Gilbert

Senior User Experience Developer, iStation