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You turn the corner into an unexpected place and stumble into peace. Sweet, elusive calm. 

You love the sound of the waves and salty breeze at a hidden seaside resort. 

You recall the quiet beauty of an old Spanish courtyard filled with yellow blooms.

You lift a warm cappuccino to your lips at a local cafe surrounded by a symphony of rushing people and honking horns. 

I don’t collect souvenirs. I collect my list of peace places. Locations where I feel my body relax and breathing slow slightly. 

Places where the world’s expectations melt away, and I am free to find me again. 

Today, I pack up and leave one of my peace places feeling my calm. Like a few of the more loosely stitched pieces are pulled tighter to join the whole. 

I am grateful for this time. I am grateful for the renewal. I am grateful for you.