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Shows like NCIS entertain us with a large cast of characters – each with quirks, strengths, and eccentricities.

They are each included for a specific reason. They each bring something unique to the mix.

We watch the diverse cast of characters find ways to understand one another, work together and tackle difficult circumstances.

TV isn’t reality. Heck, even reality shows aren’t realistic.

By watching shows like NCIS, we can learn to observe and hone our skills of observation. As they gather clues to solve this week’s murder mystery, you can gather clues to unlock how they behave and therefore, how you might be able to bridge your differences.

The more you look for ways to improve communication, the easier it becomes. Start with your favorite TV show or movie as practice.

At some point, you will have extroverted employees (at least more extroverted than you are).

Your business needs both introverts and extroverts.

As an entrepreneur, small business owner or even mid-size business, you cannot afford to hire each person for one skill. You cannot afford to hire a room of carbon-copy people.

You need to function compactly, with as many skills and superpowers in as few employees as possible.

I don’t know how introverted you are. I don’t know how extroverted your employees are.

I do know that you are a leader. You have the power to improve the communication in your team.

And communication is an essential part of a happy, productive company culture.


  1. What I mean when I talk about introvert vs. extrovert. Those terms are thrown around a lot.
  2. What is behavioral blindness? Do you have it?
  3. Three areas – wake-up calls – for managing employees who are more extroverted than you are.
  4. Three action steps you can take right now to better manage extroverted employees.

Complete Your Workwork:

  1. For the next week, I want you to write down how long you can interact with someone before you feel the need to escape. Can you talk to someone for an hour without feeling the need to run away and be alone? Can you talk for 3 hours? 15 minutes?
  2. After the week of observation, look for patterns.
  3. Does the amount of time change based on who you are interacting with?
  4. How long it takes for your energy to come back once you’ve retreated to your cave?

Let me know what you discovered in the comments below.

I promised I’d share what I learned when I completed the workwork. How long can I communicate before I feed the need to escape? I can go an hour of constant interaction with strangers before I feel the need to have a few minutes of quiet. If communicating with people I already have a relationship with, I can go 3 hours before I need to escape. That is valuable information for me as I plan my workday. To recharge? If I stay within the limits I discovered, I can recharge with as little as 5 minutes alone. If I push myself and spends days in over-communication-land, it can take an entire day to recuperate.

Can’t wait to hear what you found out in the comments below.


Montage of scenes between Tony DiNozzo and Timothy McGee on NCIS.

Thank you! Remember to watch for an upcoming episode on Three Wake-up Calls for Introverts Managing Extroverts.