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got nerds?


According to CIO Magazine, businesses spend somewhere between 3% and 6% of their revenue on IT. That’s a lot of money spent on hardware, software and the nerds that keep them going.

Nerds aren’t known for their people skills.

Listen, I was a developer and tech project manager for over 16 years. We can be tough to deal with.

But what if your nerds could communicate with humans as well as they nerd? That’s what I was put on Earth to do.

Hi, my name is Metsy, and I teach nerds how to manage people.

I’m a Nerd Communication Coach. Got nerds? Call me at 214-997-4921.


One Nerd

Coaching that superstar nerd one-on-one for a year. They have an edge technically. Let’s give them an edge with people skills, too.

Nerd Team

DISC and motivators training developed specifically for nerd teams. Imagine the power of a team that knows source code for people.

Nerd Org

Hiring assessments to prevent “hire for skills” blindness. Team fit and communication are critical to successful Agile development.