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Get the Right People on the Bus

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Get the right people on the bus. Keep them on board. Win the race.

Grab the Wheel Now

Why am I full of excitement and certainty I will succeed as an entrepreneur?

Below is an answer to this question that I posted to Quora on July 14, 2015.   Do you have this feeling that you are destined for greatness? Do you feel like you have something unique and wonderful inside of you waiting to get out? That may not be enough to make the big leap. It’s important to find out before you set out to start a 21usiness. A drive to control your own destiny: If you feel like you have something wonderful, unique inside of you that is bursting to get out into the world, you likely have a driving force to control your destiny. (I’m not going to touch on faith or religion here, just business.) I understand what this feels like. I bought the URL for my this company when I was 21. I started my company when I was 41. That’s a long time to yearn to CREATE something. To build something. Learn as much NOW about your skills, your innate abilities, your communication style, your shortcomings, your biases as you can… as fast as you can. Starting a business is a journey of self-discovery. Everything wonderful about you will be set into action. Everything thorny, jagged, ratty about you as well. I help people work through all of this what-should-I-do stuff for a living, and here’s what I’ve observed. Wanting control of your destiny is a driving force marker for every entrepreneur I have met. Some successful. Some not. As a business owner, you have to believe in your ideas and your unique spin on the world MORE than anyone else around you. Wanting control of your own destiny...

Renew Your Weary Soul

You turn the corner into an unexpected place and stumble into peace. Sweet, elusive calm.  You love the sound of the waves and salty breeze at a hidden seaside resort.  You recall the quiet beauty of an old Spanish courtyard filled with yellow blooms. You lift a warm cappuccino to your lips at a local cafe surrounded by a symphony of rushing people and honking horns.  I don’t collect souvenirs. I collect my list of peace places. Locations where I feel my body relax and breathing slow slightly.  Places where the world’s expectations melt away, and I am free to find me again.  Today, I pack up and leave one of my peace places feeling my calm. Like a few of the more loosely stitched pieces are pulled tighter to join the whole.  I am grateful for this time. I am grateful for the renewal. I am grateful for...