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Need developers to give the right details at the right time?

Need coders to translate tech to marketing?

Need engineers to help you upsell?

Communicating with people is just another set of skills to learn.

That’s what I teach. It’s called People Source Code™.

Who I Am

Hello, my name is Metsy, and I was put on this spinning, blue marble to help your technology-minded employees (fellow nerds) communicate with humans more effectively.

I was a developer and tech project manager for over 16 years. Our work is complex, and we can seem tough to manage. But we are absolutely capable of great human communication skills when we are given effective tools.

Your nerds can develop skills to communicate as successfully as they nerd. Yes, they can. They do. I see it every day.

Communicating with people is a set of skills to learn. That’s what I teach.

I am in your weapons cache ready to be called into service.

Got nerds? Email metsy@metsy.com or call 214-997-4921 to get started.

Metsy Corter

Metsy Corter

Nerd Communication Coach

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People Skills for the Tech-Minded

People Source Code™ is DISC-based communication training created and delivered by a former software developer.

Training by (and for) nerds with people skills.

One Nerd

You moved that superstar nerd into management. Now what? They have an edge technically. Coaching gives them an edge with people skills, too.


Nerd Team

Let’s replace the drama with dramatically improved results. Over 100K businesses over 30+ years have used DISC training to boost team productivity.


Team fit and communication are critical to successful work. You fight hard to attract talent. You fight hard to keep them. Culture makes all the difference.

What I Do

Communication skills training for tech, Agile, gaming, and engineering teams.

* Boost productivity and efficiency *

* Spark creativity and innovation *

* Attract and keep incredible talent *

Deep Thoughts

Ready to replace drama with dramatically improved results?

How would your life change if your nerds could communicate with people as well as they nerd?

They can. They do. I see it every day. I am here to help.