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Hi, my name is Metsy, and I help your people communicate more effectively.

Why? Nerds are amazing, but sadly, we aren’t known for amazing people skills. I was a developer and tech project manager for over 16 years. Our work is complex, and we can seem tough to manage.

Your developers, designers, programmers, engineers and data scientists learn and apply new skills as a habit. Improving communication skills takes the same dedication and practice. They can do it. I see it every day.

What if your nerds could communicate with humans as well as they nerd? That’s what I was put on Earth to do.

Let’s give your people the tools they need to succeed: one-on-one coaching, team training, hiring assessments and more.

I’m a Nerd Communication Coach. Got nerds?

One Nerd

You moved that superstar nerd into management. Now what? They have an edge technically. Coaching gives them an edge with people skills, too.

Nerd Team

Let’s replace the drama with dramatically improved results. Over 100K businesses over 30+ years have used DISC training to boost team productivity.


Team fit and communication are critical to successful work. You fight hard to attract talent. You fight hard to keep them. Culture makes all the difference.