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Get the Right People on the Bus

Create your culture before someone else does it for you. Get the right people on the bus. Keep them on board. Win the race.
Grab the Wheel Now


One-on-one professional development coaching. Soft skills. EQ. Personal branding.


Team training on DISC behaviors, motivators, and EQ.


Proven, reliable assessments safe to use for hiring.


Available to book for speaking engagements and keynotes.

Having trouble getting results with Scrum or agile development?

You have an agile framework for your projects, but people are more complex than projects. You need a framework for understanding and motivating your people. No idea what I’m talking about? No big deal. It’s a tech thing. We now return you to regularly scheduled programming.
Call in my alter ego - The Scrumentalist

Renew Your Weary Soul

You turn the corner into an unexpected place and stumble into peace. Sweet, elusive calm.  You love the sound of the waves and salty breeze at a hidden seaside resort.  You recall the quiet beauty of an old Spanish courtyard filled with yellow blooms. You...