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For this first podcast episode, I share a personal story about a harrowing night in the Paris Metro. My mom hadn’t even heard the story until this podcast.

Why would I tell a story to begin this discussion? Stories connect us.

Stories snap us out of our inner monologue and give people clues to who we are and how to communicate better with us.

For example, your reaction to hearing that story would give me clues to your communication style. To what drives you, your priorities in life.

Why is this important for your business?

Imagine the next time an employee misunderstands your directions or is upset by something you said or did not say.

How will you approach them to fix the issue? Will you listen and provide constructive feedback? Will you ignore it because you don’t like confrontation? Will you tell them to figure it out or get over it?

Your business needs people moving together in the direction you choose.

Want the work to get done? Faster? Better? Want to become the next Apple or Google – or the next big thing?

Don’t ignore the communication needs of your team.

Communication forms your culture.

When communication breaks down, the WORK. STOPS.


  1. I cover the why you should care in more depth in the podcast.
  2. Next, a brief overview of the areas that my assessment tools, profiles and analysis address.
  3. The 7 Rules for Using These Skills
  4. Disclaimers. You had to know these were coming.

Here’s Your Workwork:

Not homework, but workwork. What did you learn about yourself as you listened to my story? Were you enjoying the experience? Wish I’d stop talking and get to the business stuff? Not only could you gather clues about me through my story, but you can learn about yourself as well. Let me know in the comments section below.

Thank You For Listening!

The podcast has been submitted to iTunes and Stitcher, so it should be out there any day!

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What Mom Said

Finally, I promised to let you know what my mom said when she heard my subway story for the first time. What clues do you see about both of us in the text convo below?

mom text about my first podcast